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Are you passionate about uncovering and sharing news stories from around the globe? Regretless is on the lookout for talented writers like you to enrich our news platform. Whether your expertise lies in politics, business, technology, health, arts, or any other newsworthy area, your insights can greatly contribute to our diverse coverage.


Join our community of contributors at Regretless.com by sharing your unique perspectives and in-depth analyses. We welcome writers of all backgrounds and experiences to contribute to keeping our readers informed and engaged. If you’re ready to make an impact with your writing, reach out to us at contact@regretless.com with your ideas or articles. Let’s collaborate to produce content across various topics that not only resonate with our audience but also provide valuable insights.


Rules & Regulations:

1. Before any submission of articles, all guests need to have a clear understanding of the tone and style of published articles on Regretless.
2. Do not submit/send duplicate content on any existing websites/social media platforms. All content must be original or completely rewritten from your published articles. If guests have re-written the article, please attach the original article link for us to conduct a plagiarism check. We strictly DO NOT publish any duplicate content as it can affect our site’s reputation and SEO rankings on Google. To add on, if your article doesn’t fulfill the requirement, we will remove all related articles, links, and materials without prior notice.
3. All articles submitted should be at least 1,000 words and capped at 3,500 words.
4. We expect our guests to conduct a factual check on all articles prior to submission.
5. All articles must have little to no spelling/grammatical errors. We suggest our guests proofread prior to any submission.
6. Guest with SEO experience and keyword research expertise, please feel free to include your ideas in the article.
7. All sentences should focus on using active voice and with good transitions. Please avoid writing sentences that are too long for better readability.
8. For SEO purposes, all guest posts will be edited and modified to fit the tone, style, voice, with additional links, and information. DO NOTE that Regretless reserves the right to include, at our discretion, affiliate links throughout the article.
9. As a guest post, your article should not be re-distributed to other platforms or edited for future use unless with relevance to submitted articles on Regretless and with mutual agreement.
10. All guest posts are not bound to any monetary rewards and compensations.
11. As a contributor, please do not represent yourself as an employee of Regretless.
12. If a guest has any suggestions or collaboration opportunities, please contact us via email quoting advertisement/collaboration.


Photo Submission and Requirements:

1. For all photo submissions, DO NOT include photos with copyright. Please only submit photos taken/obtained from reliable sources with no copyright issues. Do note that all guests are responsible for all uploaded images of all forms. However, if the submitted photos are yours or taken by your photographers, please specify the name for the credits.
2. All photos should be high-definition with at least 1,200 px.
3. Please submit photos that are in JPEG format only.
4. If you do not have your own photo to go with the article, we have the right to add whatever photos we deem suitable to the article.



Please email your article with a complete attachment of images with credits (in a zip folder), personal information, and contact number.


Subject to Approval:

All submitted articles are subject to approval depending on the quality, information accuracy, and precision. Do note that only shortlisted guests will be contacted via email. Regretless reserves the right to make final edits and modifications before publishing.


For more information, contact us at contact@regretless.com.