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Dodo's Scripts Collection

Basic TutorialsBasic Tutorials

Please try to follow the lessons in this order unless you already know the information.
Regular Inclusion
Dynamic Inclusion Type 1 (?z=love)
Dynamic Inclusion Type 2 (?love)
How should you print html codes in php files
Some useful php constants

Useful Code SnippetsUseful Code Snippets

Just to make your life a little easier. Let's see some php power :)
Print Image Function (automatically reads width and height)
Switch function (an alternative for if and else)
An improvement to the switch function with self written function
Error handling for dynamic inclusion
Alternating colors
.htaccess Password Protection with PHP

The following articles deal with slightly more advanced php issues
Find out a date that's days from another date
What is an inverse color and how to obtain one?
How to get user screen's width and height with PHP?